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Sarracenia pitcher plants


Based in Telford, Shropshire UK, we are a carnivorous plant nursery specialising in Sarracenia pitcher plants. With a growlist of more than 1,000 different clones representing nearly all species forms, named location plants, cultivars and a large range of hybrids; we can offer an unparalleled range via a propagation to order service.

We also grow over 100 different Venus flytrap clones (Dionaea muscipula), Cobra lillies (Darlingtonia californica), Sundews (Drosera) and Butterworts (Pinguicula.).

All propagation is done artificially from division or rhizome cuttings.




The entire collection and nursery is currently housed in five greenhouses. The largest of these being a 30' by 10' (9.14m x 3.2m) followed by a 20' x 10' Robinsons 'Rosette', 2 Robinsons 'Royale' 22' and 20'greenhouses and a small greenhouse for the Dionaea collection. In addition a large outdoor growing area of hardy and native carnivorous plants exists.

We have 2 open days every year; June for summer peaking Sarracenia (flava,oreophila,x moorei etc) and October for Sarracenia which are at their peak in the autumn (leucophylla, rubra subsp.,alata etc). Please contact us if you would like to visit the collection.

Owner of Shropshire Sarracenias Mike King

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